Michael John Muuss: Short Biography

Mr. Muuss has been working with advanced computer systems for more than two decades. He is now a Senior Scientist at the U. S. Army Research Laboratory, leading efforts in real-time ray-tracing, and high-resolution physics-based multi-spectral synthetic image generation. From 1981 to 1997 he lead the U. S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL) Advanced Computer Systems Team in research projects concerning CAD/CAE, Graphics, Networking, Operating Systems, Parallel Architectures, and Command and Control.

Mr. Muuss is the principle architect of BRL-CAD®, a third-generation constructive solid geometry CAD/CAE system, which is now in use at over 3000 sites, supporting very fast ray tracing of extremely large geometric models (up to 1 trillion polygon equivalents). He contributed significantly to the design and development of ARL's network infrastructure, one of the best within DoD. His early contributions to the development of TCP/IP and the InterNet include the PING program and default route for UNIX, and editing the TCP-IP digest and UNIX-Wizards digest.

Mr. Muuss was born in 1958, received a BES in Electrical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 1979, and has subsequently received numerous awards and citations for his work, and is a two-time winner of the U.S. Army Research and Development Achievement Award.

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