Mike Muuss' Biography

Name: Michael John Muuss

Education: Bachelor of Engineering Sciences (BES), Johns Hopkins Univ.

Current position: Senior Scientist, U.S. Army Research Lab (GS-15)

Previous positions: Leader of Advanced Computer Systems Team, ARL. 1981-1995.


1982 U. S. Army ARRADCOM Systems Analysis Award
1984 U. S. Army Research and Development Achievement Award
1993 Joint recipient of The USENIX Association "Lifetime Achievement Award"
1999 U. S. Army Research and Development Achievement Award
(26 awards in total, see Curriculum Vitae)

Significant publications

30 government publications, 10 open literature, 11 papers, 4 electronic-only publications, 41 motion picture/video productions. (See C.V.)

Professional societies: ACM, AFCEA, IEEE, AES, SMPTE, USENIX.

Specific on-the-job meritorious achievements

Since 1981, Mr. Muuss has been with the Army Research Laboratory's Advanced Computer Systems Team, working on research projects concerning Computer Aided Design and Evaluation, Synthetic Image Generation, High-speed Networking, Parallel Architectures, Virtual Reality for CAD, Operating Systems, and Command and Control.

Unique qualifications

Architect of the BRL-CAD® Package, DoD's 3rd Generation Solid Modeling System, including n-manifold Geometry extensions. Internationally recognized speaker and author.

Architect of ARL's real-time multi-spectral synthetic image generator, a "virtual imaging spectrophotometer" built on BRL-CAD® ray-tracing. Includes atmospheric effects from "Smoke & Mirrors" sub-effort.

Contributor to the design of the TCP/IP protocols. Original architect of Army SuperComputer Network, which has grown into the DoD-wide DREN network. Design consultant for NASA Science InterNet. Author of "ping", creator of "default route" and "TCP MSS follows departing interface MTU" algorithms. Architect of BRLNET. Architect of ARL's "ATM networking to the desktop" infrastructure.

15 years experience with high-performance parallel computers. Lead effort to port UNIX to the Denelcor HEP parallel supercomputer. Specified and evaluated network capabilities, operating system software, and hardware configuration for two Cray SuperComputers.

25 years of programming and systems analysis experience, 20 years experience with UNIX operating system.

Chief Engineer of ARL/SLAD's television studio & computer graphics lab.

(For complete details on Mr. Muuss's achievements and contributions to the Department of Defense, consult his 50 page Curriculum Vitae. Please send E-mail requesting a copy; specify PostScript, FAX, or printed version).

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